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His father did not give his six years old son a Super 8 camera as a birthday present, just as many other directors would depict their first encounter with the world of celluloid. No, Moritz Laube – born in 1979 – found it himself in his father’s shelf, basically covered up in dust.


Staging friends and inventing little stories that became short films and music videos remained a hobby for a long time. It was right until after school and a brief detour into German Literature, Philosophy and Psychology, when Moritz started an internship with Das Werk and Neue Sentimental Film in the late 90’s – his entry into the world of commercials.


Only a year later, he has become one of the youngest commercial editors for „old-stagers“ like Nico Beyer, Nika & Til, Pepe Danquardt and Detlev Buck. But he never really lost his interest in longer formats like feature films or documentaries.


That is why the young filmmaker persistently approached Wim Wenders at the Berlinale in 2000, resulting in editing Wenders’ documentary about the german rock band BAP „Viel passiert“ (2002) and the feature film „Land of Plenty (2004), premiering in Venice – all whilst he was attending the directing classes at Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (2001-2006).


In film school, amongst several award-winning short films, Moritz Laube was realizing a commercial for TV Spielfilm on spec. As a student director with only three rolls of 35mm film stock at hand, his editing skills came in handy. He just knew what shots he would need to make the story work.


A year later, the TV Spielfilm ad won the Young Directors’ Award in Cannes starting Laube’s career as a commercial director. Subsequently, he has had the chance working for clients such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Allianz, Coop, Lipton or celebrities like Stefan Raab, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Anke Engelke, Toni Polster and many more. Through the years he has made a name for himself being a great „actors’ director“.


But Moritz Laube never stopped reinventing himself. He really is a jack-of-all-trades. Besides his commercials, he realized several short-films and a feature film – two more are in the making – and from time to time he even grabs the film camera and shoots himself.


Being a visual director he always is on the hunt for new and modern looks, experimenting with them in the world of photography before he applies them to his moving images.


Since the day Moritz Laube has found that Super 8 camera, his skills are mainly self-taught and thus he has never stopped striving for new stories, new looks and new techniques that keep his films modern, yet always empathetic.

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